Catering at the home

Residents are served with morning tea or coffee followed by breakfast which, if preferred, can be served in their room.  Breakfast is cooked to order and the majority of residents are served breakfast in the dining room.

During mid-morning a tea trolley laden with biscuits is taken around the whole home ensuring all residents enjoy a hot beverage.

All residents are encouraged to meet for lunch in the dining room and conservatory with lunch being served at 12.30.  Residents who prefer to partake of lunch privately are served in their rooms.

There is a monthly rotating varied menu which is reviewed seasonally with the current residents.  We use mostly local produce, supporting local trusted suppliers and all our food is freshly home cooked.  We use a local fish supplier in the village providing fresh fish.  We receive deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables from our local greengrocer.  Our butcher supplies fresh meat to meet the requirements of our menus. 

Special dietary needs are catered for and the kitchen and care staff liaise to ensure these needs are adhered to.  Soft diet meals are presented in a dignified way on the plate and assisted lunches are carried out in a tactful and courteous manner. 

Our team of cooks take great pride in the food that they prepare and each day they bake a selection of homemade cakes.  These delicious cakes are offered to residents and their guests as the afternoon tea trolley makes its way around the home.  Residents always have a delicious cake made to celebrate their birthday and this is shared with the other residents during afternoon tea.

Early evening comprises of a light supper which is served in the dining room, again, with a monthly rotating varied menu providing a large choice of hot and cold food.

Finally, a warm drink is offered to all residents before they retire to bed.

During the day tea, coffee and light snacks are readily available upon request.

Our residents have experienced several themed lunches, the most recent being a 1920's theme, together with some 1920's dancing. We also have pie 'n' mash and fish 'n' chip lunches occasionally. 


Afternoon tea at St Dominics

Gardening talk with Kelvedon St Mary's Pupils

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