Decorating the Christmas Tree for the Kelvedon Christmas Tree Festival.
date: 1-12-2018
location: St Marys Church

We are pleased to once again be part of this festival.
Our theme this year is going to be Family.
St Dominics tree will be decorated with hand made decorations of our residents thoughts about Family.

Decorating St Dominics Tree and Bedrooms
date: 3-12-2018
location: St Dominics

Our Home Manager and staff will, with the help of our residents be decorating St Dominics christmas tree and bedrooms.

Christmas Carols
date: 05-12-2018
location: St Dominics

St Dominics welcomes the local Brownies who will be singing Christmas Carols to get us into the Christmas spirit at 6.30 this evening.

Jeff Clothes Show
date: 10-12-2018
location: St Dominics

Jeffs Clothes Show will be visiting once again to give the residents a chance to browse and buy from his lovely selection of clothes at 2.30pm today.

St Dominics' Christmas Quiz
date: 11-12-2018
location: St Dominics

Mr Banning will once again be quiz master at our
annual, very competitive Christmas quiz. Residents,
families and staff will all compete in the hopes of not getting the consolation prize.

Kelvedon St Mary's School Choir
date: 12-12-2018
location: St Dominics

Kelvedon St Mary's School Choir will be singing for us at 2pm this afternoon.

Christmas Party
date: 16-12-2018
location: St Dominics

Our annual Christmas party for residents and families always has such a wonderful atmosphere.

Aladdin Pantomime
date: 18-12-2018
location: St Dominics

On the run up to Christmas, Eva Long Productions will be visiting the home with their production of Aladdin.